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Reshape Your Ears with Otoplasty in Order to Create a New Look

Our faces are a symphony of unique parts, working together as a whole. Each of these parts are distinct not only in appearance, but in function. Likewise, our ideals for each part are unique. Large eyes may be viewed as intrinsically attractive, but a similarly proportioned nose may be regarded as unattractive.

Of these unique parts, the most overlooked yet functionally important may be the ears. While make-up can be used to accentuate the features of the other parts of the face, the ears stand more or less on their own. However, there is hope for those wish to accentuate the beauty of their face through redesigned ears. That hope is called otoplasty, or ear reshaping surgery.

It is not enough to merely reshape the ear to create a unique idea of the perfect ear. This 'perfect' ear must also match the rest of the face. Like an orchestra, each past is only as good it affects the whole. The ideal ear reshaping not only creates a new appearance, but maintains the same level of functionality. Fortunately, otoplasty, when performed by a trained surgeon, is entirely safe and will not affect your ability to hear at all.

Most otoplasty surgeries involve reducing cartilage or skin, creating new skin or cartilage, or restructuring the existing amount of skin or cartilage Typically, an otoplasty surgery will involve some combination of these different elements. This can be done to repair injury, correct a long standing genetic defect, or to create a sense of symmetry between mismatched ears.

In the past, otoplasty involved a small incision near the ear, typically in a discrete area behind the ear, depending upon the type of surgery needed. After the incision is made, excess skin or cartilage can be loped off or reconfigured to meet the needs of the surgery.

Today, plastic surgeons have begun to utilize a remarkable new method of incisionless ear restructuring surgeries. The doctor uses a small needle to poke through the skin and manually mold the cartilage beneath or on the ear. Either method of incision can allow the doctor to bring the ear forwards or backwards on the head while also reshaping the structure of the ear.

There are risks inherent to any surgery. To reduce the severity and number of these risks, it's important to do extensive research and find a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon to perform your otoplasty. This doctor can examine your overall all health and help you determine what type of surgery is best for you.

It is also important to be totally upfront with your surgeon, providing him with the necessary health information, as well as truthfully expressing what you want from the surgery. While otoplasty can be life changing, there are limits to what the surgery can accomplish.

Your doctor should be able to assuage your fears while giving you an accurate idea of what to expect after the surgery. Whatever decision you make, know that a well-done ear restructuring can hit just the right note for those looking to change the look of their face.

Otoplasty plastic surgery can help you reshape your ears to create a more attractive profile. Dr. Brian Evans is a double board certified, recognized ear reconstruction expert with first-class credentials.

At West Hills, California Brian Evans Plastic Surgery aims to increase the confidence of patients and to improve their appearance by performing procedures of a high standard. A thorough first consultation is scheduled to understand the requirements of patients before procedures are performed. Services provided include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of facial features such as Otoplasty, facelift and surgical body sculpting procedures such as breast augmentation, Tummy Tuck, stem cell therapy, surgery for skin cancer and wound care surgery.

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